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All excursions were very different and amazing.will never forget in my life this 8 to st moritz was beautiful,also it was our first day to swiss.glacier express with my ipod was simply a fairy tale for me.gornegrat was like meeting god and chatting with him.also did pargliding at Zermatt which was like a bird flying out of a cage.jungfrau is incredibly titilis at engelberg was actually like meeting so many was entire trip was mystical.thanks to Roger designed a very perfect package for us.his service was very prompt and flawless.he made a most memorable trip of our life.he must be rewarded.god bless him.thanks a lot to services are flawless.i am coming again very soon (Mr. D. Mathew)

We meet to make memories and we part to preserve them...... The experience of the treasures tour was fabulous, I cannot believe when I see the photographs how we managed to do and see so much in 9 days...... Equally unbelievable I thought was the management of the tour by the wonderful is quite obvious that he is passionate about his job and loves sharing the vast knowledge that he has with the group....hats off to him.....the tour was a stupendous success...everything was on time.....we were taken care of like individual family members...always were kept entertained....regular breaks...enough shopping was lovely (Mr. A. Pietersen)

Hello Mr. Andreas . what shall I say I dont know how to thank you for your honesty and the excellent trip that you sold me . we came back yesterday oh and what a trip me and my husband were very happy of this trip that we were planning for a long time . your people the guide Mr. Aydin Eroglu what a man excellent honest reliable and respectfull and so was the driver and hiss assistant. and of course . I really would like to thank you again and I will travel only with from now on and will give it to my friends and family. and oh my GOD the hotels were five stars. and the tours and the explanations and driving and the comfort of the bus ad the stops. I dont know what else I can say .I filled the review and mailed it and I will go on line to trip advisor to say it too.I dont even remember how I found you or you did doesent matter excellent excellent excellent. Thanks again (Mr. K. John)

The vacation to Switzerland Honeymoon Trip with Voyages Europa was well planned and well organized. We shall join them again. (Mr. Debasis Guha)

I appreciate Voyages Europa for their well researched guided tour (Mr. Osama Dhafar)

My honeymoon tour with Voyages Europa was value for money(Margaret Phoon)

I shall recommended Voyages Europa to other get maximum of their vacation(Mr Parind Bakshi)

My entire family (Parents + children extend thanks to Voyages Europa for giving us such a satisfying experience(Mr.Chen Lok Loi)

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Voyages Europa was professional at the same time friendly too.(Lilian Koh)

Voyages Europa was economic, fulfilling and adventurous too(Ms Shehani Weerasinghe)

The choice of Voyages Europa was worthy both in fun and convenience(Ms. Sindy lim)

We appreciate Voyages Europa efforts to create convenience for us(Mr. Namal Singh)

One of the best experience of Indian Tourism. Thanks to Voyages Europa(Mr. Deon)

Thanks to Voyages Europa for making the Europe tours a memorable one.(Ms. Kazue)

Voyages Europa took all care to make us comfortable in Europe. ( Mr. Christian Potter)

We were pleased with Voyages Europa(Ms. Rachana Sanghvi)

We liked the Voyages Europa. No. second thought before contacting them in future.(Mr. Jacob)

Good +reliable service by Voyages Europa(Mr. Panneer Selvam)

Thanks Voyages Europa we are meeting again next year(Miss Leong Peiying)

Thanks to my friends for suggesting Voyages Europa. We found them reliable + dependable(Mr. Addyson)

Much more than average tourist services, Thanks Voyages Europa(Mr. Adelle)

Voyages Europa cost effective and hence enjoyment followed. (Mr. Agate)

Dependable services of Voyages Europa made our vacation tours (Mr. Ackley)

Quality services made our first experience quite pleasant (Mr. Aldrich)

Great value of the cost we paid(Mr. Ascot)

Great, we could eat vegetarian good during Europe Tours. Thanks(Mr. Bail)

The team leaders were responsible and caring(Mr. Barker)

The team leader/(guide)/managers were quite knowledgeable(Mr. Bassett)

Except a few teething problems the tour ended very pleasant (Mr. Baron)

Voyages Europa was good and economic too.(Ms. Adrina)

We shall not think twice before arranging the next tour with Voyages Europa (Ms. Afton)

Young and Old both were happy and satisfied wit Voyages Europa.(Mr. Blaine)

All is well that ends well and so it was due to Voyages Europa.(Mr. Booth)

Voyages Europa gave us good experience of our first tour to a foreign land(Ms. Baili)

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it seemed care of our need of food needs. Customized the tour to our needs. It was very comfortable.(Mr. Dingbang)

With Voyages Europa it was pleasant and satisfying(Mr. Ho)

Voyages Europa knew our needs and kept of our comfort.(Ms. Carlie)

Voyages Europa gave food services and we enjoyed.(Mr. Daelen)

Over the last tour to Greece Voyages Europa has grown up and far-far better this time.(Mr. Quon)

Voyages Europa took off the pressure on us and we enjoyed. (Mr. Yong)

We wish good business to Voyages Europa. They are customer sensitive. (Mr. Daren)

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Contact us for Europe for 2013. We shall be again with your Voyages Europa.(Ms. Carol)

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value for money, spirit of joy was the feeling we had with Voyages Europa.(Mr. Farnham)

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